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The Wonders of Growing Herbs in Your Garden

The Wonders of Growing Herbs in Your Garden

Herbs and vegetable plants are a good combination in one’s garden. In fact, herbs are so versatile they can be combined with any garden. And here are reasons why growing herbs in your garden is such a wonderful idea.

Vegetable garden plots often become feast tables for pests and insects who feed on these precious and hard to grow plants. What folks often do is bombard the garden with whatever insecticide is available in garden shops. So the vegetables come out smooth and damage-free but terribly chemical laden. Some people use organic pesticides or keep the garden protected in greenhouses. Well, gardening, especially backyard gardening, need not be that expensive. Just try growing herbs in your garden and see amazing results that remedy the perennial problem on pests.

Gardens can be planted to both vegetables and edible herbs. Or, decorative flowers and ornamental herbs. Or, fragrant flowers and aromatic herbs. Or, colorful flowers and multihued herbs. See how versatile herbs are? They can look like vegetables and/or flower plants at the same time. And this adds fun and value to the hobby of growing herbs in your garden.

Some folks plant herbs and other plants alternately or in separate rows in their gardens. Some border their garden plots with herbs. Some surround their plants in pots with crawling herbs, or vice versa. Some cover their gardens with a shed of hanging containers or pots planted with herbs. In any of the above manners of growing herbs in your garden, the garden in general is protected from most insects and pests. A lot of insects are annoyed by the aroma of most herbs.

By growing herbs in your garden, you save money intended for pesticides or greenhouses. Moreover, the garden looks extra interesting with the added colors and shapes that herbs lend to it. Herbs have different amazing colors and shapes (not to mention some of their flowers and leaves) that further vividly brightens up the garden. And when herb aroma is mixed with flower fragrance, the garden begins to smell more like Eden. And imagine when this scent is carried along by the breeze into the house.

Growing herbs in your garden takes lots of planning and strategy. For instance, it is more suitable to choose plants that use limited space as they grow when planted along with herbs. This keeps small herbs freely growing and getting enough air and sunlight.

Growing herbs in your garden may be the factor to ensure a successful gardening hobby.

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