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Storing Sweet Basil Easily

Storing Sweet Basil Easily

Nowadays there are numerous ways on how to freshen the air that you breathe in like in your own home. The various, scented candles, plug-ins, sprays and even fresheners in the shape of a disc promise to help improve the scent of the air you breathe. But when you are familiar on how to grow a sweet basil, you can possess enough examples of fragrance to make a personalize potpourri.

The most widely known sweet basil is the yearly, ocimum basilicum that features a very heavenly fragrance that can be compared to a very sweet basil. Aside from having a fantastic smell, sweet basil is an important ingredient in pesto sauce, stews, soups and any type of tomato dish. Knowing on how to correctly grow basil is important for an herb gardener. You can nurture herbs both in an indoor and outdoor garden. There are around 160 varieties of basil aside from the sweet basil variety. It offers numerous aromas like licorice, cinnamon, lemon and foliage hues that range from royal purple to an interesting shade of emerald green. You can also store sweet basil after harvest especially crushed sweet basil in small airtight jars

Learning how to grow sweet basil will help provide you an interesting treat for your senses as well as an excellent aroma for your nose. Usually, when you are just learning on how to properly grow basil, you might want to begin with seeds instead of a half-grown plant. Until the basil stems are mature, they can be easily broken or hurt so transplanting young sweet basils are not advisable. But herb gardeners that want to grow basil should not worry because sweet basil can be seeded directly in the garden. You can also reseed your basil garden every 3 weeks if you want to have basil for the whole summer. Surprisingly, sweet basil can be easily grown with no fuss at all.

Although sweet basil thrives under the sun, it can also grow in a shade. Once you have planted the seedlings, the basil plant is also resilient in a drought and can give a tastier flavor without any fertilizer. Part of the interest and enjoyment on how to grow the basil plant is the numerous ways on how to preserve it after harvesting. You can harvest your basil plant at any given time by cutting off the leaves as you need them. Basil can also turn simple dishes into extraordinary one when mixed in fresh.

Sweet Basil can also be dried by bunching leaves together and drying them out in the open. Drying the basil in this way is a terrific way to enhance its aroma for your kitchen. When the basil leaves are dried out completely, you can crumple the basil leaves and store them in glass jars. You can also store sweet basil after harvest in a freezer. You can even freeze small portions of fresh sweet basil in plastic bags or chop the basil leaves and freeze them in a tray with water.

Newly harvested sweet basil can also be use as a home décor. It also suited for container growing because it can be directly seeded in the basil plot. Studying on how to properly grow basil is always a good pastime, especially for serious herb garden enthusiasts.

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