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Enjoy These Delightful and Mouth-Watering Sweet Basil Recipes

Enjoy These Delightful and Mouth-Watering Sweet Basil Recipes

One of the herbs commonly added in Italian, Thai, and Laotian cuisine, sweet basil enhances savor and aroma in many dishes. For those who are in search for unique and pleasant-tasting appetizers, they can prepare some of the simple sweet basil recipes like Sweet Carrots with Sweet Basil, Garden Salad and Sweet Basil Dressing, as well as Italian Potato Salad. Meanwhile, for main courses, everyone can prepare Sweet Basil Stew and Chicken with Fresh Sweet Basil.

Sweet Carrots with Sweet Basil

This enticing appetizer includes sweet basil in its key ingredients because the herb can produce sweet and delightful taste. Other ingredients in this pleasant-tasting sweet basil recipe are maple syrup, carrots, butter, salt, and pepper. Boil the carrots in a saucepan for not more than 10 minutes. Drain the carrots and add other ingredients including sweet basil. Steam the dish for at least 15 minutes and serve immediately.

Garden Salad and Sweet Basil Dressing

Another appetizing and healthy sweet basil recipe to try is Garden Salad and Sweet Basil Dressing. In this dish, sweet basil is used to compliment the different flavors produced by other ingredients like onion, mayonnaise, corn syrup, and lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and garnish with chopped sweet basil leaves before serving.

Italian Potato Salad

Sweet basil is added to enhance the flavor of the dressing. Other ingredients in this satisfying sweet basil recipe are wine vinegar, olive oil, onion, and potatoes. Boil potatoes and set aside with sliced onions and red peppers. Mix remaining ingredients and steam. Pour the mixture over potatoes, sliced onions and red peppers. Do not forget to add salt and pepper to improve its taste. After preparing the salad, transfer it to a small bowl and garnish with excess sweet basil.

Sweet Basil Stew

For main dishes, everyone can serve Sweet Basil Stew because it is very easy to cook. This sweet basil recipe includes beef, tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots, as its key ingredients. Season the stew with sugar and salt to improve its taste. Garnish with chopped dried sweet basil leaves.

Chicken with Fresh Sweet Basil

The key ingredients in this sweet basil recipe are chicken and sliced mushrooms. Stir fry garlic in a heated pan. Put the chicken and let it stay for two minutes. Put bamboo shoots and mushrooms. Season the dish with salt, pepper, and oyster sauce. Before serving, sprinkle with chopped fresh sweet basil to make the dish more luring and enticing.

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