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Gratify Yourselves with These Appetizing Chamomile Recipes

Gratify Yourselves with These Appetizing Chamomile Recipes

Chamomile gives different dishes a relatively sweet flavor, making it super delicious, tasty, and palatable for the entire family. Perfect for various occasions, these appetizing Chamomile recipes are guaranteed to satisfy everyone. Some of the most commendable dishes that contain chamomile are Chamomile Biscotti, Crab Cakes with Chamomile Lemon Sauce, and Chamomile Potato Soup. Here’s a quick take on these special delicacies.

Chamomile Biscotti

Chamomile Biscotti is an excellent snack that takes so little time to prepare and cook. For less than an hour, people can easily make this Chamomile recipe by mixing salt, baking soda, baking powder, and flour inside a bowl. In a separate container, combine the other important ingredients such as eggs, sugar, and tea, which will be followed soon with the orange zest, vanilla, and honey. After mixing all the ingredients, place the dish inside a 350 degrees preheated oven and wait for about 35 to 50 minutes to finish.

Crab Cakes with Chamomile Lemon Sauce

Crab Cakes with Chamomile Lemon Sauce is a tasty specialty dish that uses chamomile tea as a flavor enhancer. Making this Chamomile recipe is relatively simple, combining ingredients like flour, lemon juice, and crabmeat. Furthermore, add on breadcrumbs, paprika, and mayo, as well as other important components such as egg, diced green pepper, and minced garlic. For richer taste, also include in the mixture for this special Chamomile recipe two tablespoons of butter, two small mushrooms, and diced onion.

Chamomile Potato Soup

Another quick cook meal, Chamomile Potato Soup offers people a wonderful dish that they can easily enjoy at any point of the day. This Chamomile recipe takes only an hour to cook, which uses simple and easy-to-find ingredients like bacon strips, chopped leek, and diced Vidalia onion. At the start of this dish, boil four medium-sized potatoes in six to ten cups of water. The chamomile tea acts as flavor enhancer, giving the dish its relatively sweet and pleasant taste.

Easy Apricot Chamomile Cream Puffs

Chamomile is also a key component in making tasty desserts, such as the case of the dish called Easy Apricot Chamomile Cream Puffs. For the pastry dough, the ingredients include four to five eggs, a cup of flour, and kosher salt, to be mixed with other materials like sugar, unsalted butter, and water. For the chamomile cream, mix together sugar, orange zest, whole chamomile flowers, and heavy whipping cream. An apricot jam is also needed to finish this delectable Chamomile recipe.

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