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Calming Recipes with Chamomile

Calming Recipes with Chamomile

Chamomile belongs to the herbs group which gives users a calming and relaxing effect. It is used in different ways. It can help heal some illnesses; it can be used as an essential oil for bath and soaps, calming tea and other food recipes. It can alleviate the tensed nerves, anxiety and headaches. It is also good for people with flu or colds. A tablespoon of the Chamomile leaves with boiling water and some ginger can be an effective cure to some cramps women experience during their menstrual period. Chamomile tea is also effective for curing digestion problems. It can even make bowel movements regular. It can also combat stomach parasites and can relieve aching muscles.

Chamomile has the taste of bitterness. It can be used to make teas to help calm children who are hyperactive. Chamomile petals can also be added to some salads. You can use the fresh flowers as decorations in cakes during a summer occasion. This will add more effect to the presentation. The fresh flowers can even be used as wreaths or flowers which can also be eaten. Below are some classic recipes with chamomile.

Calming Chamomile Tea


1.a half cup of dried flowers of chamomile
2.a half cup of dried petals of calendula
3.two tablespoons of lemon zest fourth cup of peppermint that has been dried tablespoon of honey

Mix the ingredients altogether and put them in a sealed container. For brewing use a one and a half teaspoon of the mixture and pour it into a cup of hot water or boiling water and let it steep for five minutes at least. You can strain this and add the honey to make it sweet. For an afternoon chamomile tea during the winter the following are the things you need:

1. one teaspoon of chamomile that has been dried
2. one teaspoon of dried lavender and mint
3. some honey for the sweetness.

Chamomile Cauliflower Soup – The flavor of the chamomile in this soup gives the soothing and relaxing effect and this recipe has very little fat.


1.three cups of water
2.six tea bags of chamomile large cauliflower head that should be cut into smaller sizes. fourth cup of onion that has been chopped
5.two stalks of celery. tablespoon of butter and some salt and pepper

Boil some water and the tea for five minutes and take it out and squeeze for the extra liquid. Put the cauliflower into the pan and cover it until it boils for fifteen minutes. Drain it and start frying the butter, celery and onions in a smaller pan. Pour them in a blender and add the cauliflower and the pepper and the salt.

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