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Red Chili Benefits and Recipes

Red Chili Benefits and Recipes

Chiles are not only good ingredients for many dishes but it has plenty of benefits for the health as well. It does not matter if you eat red or green chilies. When winter sets in chilies can help the defense system of the body reach its peak. Chiles has the component called capsaicin which affects the human endorphins in a direct way. Endorphins give the body the happy feelings and the perfect sense of good health.

A good way to boost the immune system is to have Chiles more often like having a chili con carne dish each week. Chili con carne is considered as an American dish. This dish has been celebrated in many cooking contests and it has several versions over the years. This dish has been the favorite among cowboys. This dish is usually partnered with cornbread. The chili con carne is also served typically with some fixins. Below are some recipes for red Chiles.

Pecos River Bowl of Red– This recipe serves eight people. This is a good dish to serve during the cold season.


1. two tablespoons of lard. You can also use drippings from bacon or butter.
2. one big onion chopped coarsely.
3. three pounds of roasted lean beef that has been chopped in half inch cubes.
4. fine chopped garlic cloves
5. one fourth cup of red Chiles
6. one fourth cup of grounded red Chiles.
7. one tablespoon of cumin
8. three cups of water
9. one and a half teaspoons of salt


1. Put the lard or butter in a heated pot then put the onions and stir fry it. Fry the onions for a minute until it becomes light brown.
2. Take the pot and put the meat and add the cumin, chilies and the garlic. Add the water and mix them altogether.
3. Cover the pot and let it boil then lower the fire and let it simmer and leave it without the cover for three hours and constantly stirring it from time to time and test if the meat is already tender and taste the flavor. You should make sure that all the spices have even taste. Add more salt or chili if needed. Mix the rest of the cumin and then serve it hot with some fixins.

Fixin’s Recipe

1.a bowl of chopped a small onion
2.a bowl of Jalapenos that has been finely sliced
3.grated cheese like cheddar cheese
4.a bowl of sour cream with some limes cut into wedges. The limes should also be spread with some red Chiles on the sides.

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