How to Grow and Use Herbs
Pointers for Growing a Herb Garden

Pointers for Growing a Herb Garden

When growing a herb garden, bear in mind the following pointers:

What Herbs to Plant

Check first what’s available in the local herb seed store. There are herb seeds that grow in ordinary environments and they are likely available in most herb seed stores. For starters, it would be a good idea to be growing a herb garden with commonly grown and easy to manage herb seeds—like anise, basil, and parsley. Helpful instructions on how to plant the seeds are often found on the seed packs.

Where to Locate the Herb Garden

Most people have their herb garden near the kitchen or in the patio. Some make herb shelves and put them right in their kitchen, if the space allows it. It’s important that when growing a herb garden, make sure that its location gets enough sunlight and shade. The garden should have a good drainage so the soil gets enough moisture and is safe from flooding.

Soil Preparation

Rich fertile soil, soft enough to be easily dug, and kept moist is needed when growing a herb garden. Natural soil fertility is preferred without the use of fertilizers, especially inorganic ones. Synthetic fertilizers may cause the herb plant to be too leafy and spoil the flavorful character or strength of the herb. So, the more naturally fertile the soil is, the better.

Soil Texture

When talking of soil fertility, soil texture cannot be ignored. Check the fertility as well as the texture of the soil. Growing a herb garden involves some knowledge in indentifying soil texture to see it’s defect and what remedy is available. One simple remedy is regular soil cultivation. Soil tilling gets it improving in texture, as gently brushing the hair regularly improves its texture. Soil tilling also gets enough oxygen into the soil. Just gently till around the herb plants, being careful not to till too deeply.

Begin with a Pot

Even while already growing a herb garden planted with one’s favorite herbs, some new herb types may be tried now and then. To avoid any risk, some seeds may be tried in a pot full of rich soil and placed in the kitchen or its windowsill. Observe how it fairs, and if it makes it, start growing the same herb type in the garden. Putting new seeds where herbs are already grown endangers the seed when the soil is tilled or cultivated. So begin with a pot.

Growing a herb garden is easy when the basics are learned.

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