How to Grow and Use Herbs
Growing the Herbs Oregano

Growing the Herbs Oregano

Growing oregano for flavoring your food is as exciting as cultivating vegetables for cooking. Oregano adds more flavor and taste to your dishes. The best variety of oregano for cooking is Origanum heracleoticum. Although a dried variety of the herb can be commercially available in groceries or supermarkets, the flavor they add to your cooking is not as impressive as Origanum heracleoticum.

The best thing to do is to grow the herb in your own backyard. This will help you determine which is most suitable for your recipe as well as gives you the option to choose the variety that would complement the other ingredients. Here you will know how to harvest oregano.

The suitable variety of oregano you would want to have in your garden are: Origanum heracleoticum, Origanum marjorana, and Origanum Vulgare. Other popular names for heracleoticum include winter sweet marjoram, Italian Oregano, and Greek Oregano. For origanum vulgare, the popular varieties include wild and winter marjoram, and European oregano. Origanum majorana includes sweet marjoram.

In learning how to harvest oregano, you need to buy your herbs or seed from a reputable supplier. The herb thrives in places where there is full sun and well-drained soil. The spacing of the seedlings should be nine inches apart. If you prefer the plants to be dense, cut it before they flower.

While learning the basics of how to harvest oregano, you will realize that the plant takes five to six weeks to grow after it is planted. By allowing the flowers to produce and drop their seeds, you will maintain the freshness and vigor of the oregano patch. Some variety of the plant can reach as high as two feet or the size of a small bush if you allow it.

A blooming oregano is a thing of beauty. However, to maintain the quality of the soil bed, you need to remove three to four year old plants. You can transfer some parts of the plant insider the house for your indoor herb garden especially if you intend to use it as flavoring for your dishes.

Once you have learned how to harvest oregano, it will be easy to determine that the best time to use it for cooking is before the blooming of its flower.

Compared to other herbs, the leaves of dried oregano retain their flavor even though it is in storage. Fresh sprigs can be kept in a zippered plastic bag. However, you need to put as much air as possible.

Understanding the basics of how to harvest oregano is important in maintaining the freshness and flavor of the herb.

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