How to Grow and Use Herbs
Cultivating Herbs Properly

Cultivating Herbs Properly

Turning that lot into a garden full of sweet smelling herbs is not that hard to do. If you are not certain how to start a garden, this herb growing guide can help you get on the right track.

The size of the lot of course, will play a part. Most herb growing guides will state that the minimum allowable is about 4 x 6 ft for indoors, and that is certainly good enough for a few herbs. If you have ample space in your garden though, you will want to avoid getting too excited and start digging up holes. Instead you should sit back and go over the basic facts.

After you have the determined the size of the lot you will plant in, this herb growing guide can point out that there are several types you can grow. Not only are they classified under different groups (medicinal, ornamental, culinary, ordinary) but more importantly divided between perennials, annuals and biennials. Most of the culinary herbs by the way, fall under the perennial type, so you can nurture them beyond one season.

This herb growing guide can also point out that you may take care of the herbs either through organic or non organic means. The latter of course, refers to the usual way of tending to plants and flowers using pesticides and other medication specially designed for them. The organic way means allowing the herbs to grow “naturally”. Whichever type you choose, diligent research will be required so you can evaluate the pros and cons of each one.

Once you have begun planting, you will need to monitor their growth. This herb growing guide can point out that a lot of these culinary herbs can grow quickly, and in the case of some, may spread out all over the garden. For this reason, you need to keep trimming them regularly. Also, be sure to cut and divide them so you can increase the number of herbs in your garden without buying another one.

Before you harvest, this herb growing guide would like to point out that you should always take them out only at the proper time; taking them out prematurely will have unfavorable results in terms of the flavoring.

What this herb growing guide has demonstrated is that setting your own garden is not that hard. As long as you follow the standards for cultivating the herbs that you have planted, there will be no obstacles or problems that you will not overcome.

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