How to Grow and Use Herbs
Fresh Herbs You May Grow in Your Garden

Fresh Herbs You May Grow in Your Garden

Growing fresh herbs will not just spare you the trouble of scouring the grocery stores for that celery or thyme, but it can also add a touch of class to your garden too.

When it comes to growing fresh herbs, it helps if you have knowledge of the basic types available. There are actually over 70 of them, but you don’t need to be aware of all their names or properties, but knowing the different categories in which they are assigned will help.

Among the most common ones that people use when growing fresh herbs are sage, parsley and mint. Classified under “ordinary or culinary herbs”, these are not only easy to plant, but are indispensable when cooking a lot of recipes. Others in this category are thyme, basil and majoram.

If you are growing fresh herbs to add a soothing scent and aroma to your garden, consider planting marjoram, basil and lovage, as they produce a wonderful smell. On the other hand, you may also nurture variegated thyme, chicory, lavender and mint, as they come in numerous colors and beautify your garden.

As with any other form of gardening, there are several factors that will help ensure your attempts at growing fresh herbs will be successful. These include placing them in a garden that has a well maintained drainage system, and using high quality soil too. If you plan to grow different herbs (culinary, ornamental, medicinal etc), be certain that you water and nurture them in the correct ways, as each herb’s need is different from another.

It is perfectly possible for you to start growing fresh herbs indoors. With the right amount of watering, draining and sunlight (be it from the sun or fluorescent lights), it will grow like any outdoor herb. However, some herb plants, particularly the perennials, need some sunlight, so bringing the pots outdoors during summertime will be of immense help.

Before you return the fresh herbs back inside, check to make sure that no bugs got in. If even a few are left, it could infect not just that plant but the others it comes into contact with. This is something often overlooked by new gardeners, so keep an eye out for this.

Given the options you have for growing fresh herbs, it can easily turn into a lifetime hobby and a useful and beneficial one too. It is never too early or too late to get into this form of gardening, and the pleasure and benefits you will get from it are numerous.

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