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Tips for Growing Perennial Herbs

Tips for Growing Perennial Herbs

There are many types of herbs available but perennials are among the most popular, owing of course to their longevity. Here are some of the relevant facts you need to know for growing perennial herbs.

First of all, growing perennial herbs is best done in plots that will receive plenty of sunshine, as these herbs thrive in that kind of environment. When caring for these herbs you may chop off the tips especially when they tend to get too thick. Don’t throw away those tips though, because they can be used as garnishing for cooking.

When you are growing perennial herbs like thyme near the garden walkway, take care to make a path for this herb, and of course provide the proper drainage system. The combination of the two will bolster the growth of the herb and increase its aroma. If you want to make herbal tea, you should try cultivating bee balm. Not only is it good for tea but also for potpourri and other delicious recipes.

Mint is also popular among those growing perennial herbs, since it goes so well with tea and other herbal drinks. However, it does tend to spread around, so if you are going to nurture this herb, it is best to do it in a wide open area. If you prefer to plant herbs in a pot, one of the best is tarragon, especially since its leaves do not grow to great lengths.

Growing perennial herbs is also popular among gardeners who want to beautify their gardens and give their homes the sweet natural fragrance of herbs. Among the most colorful and fresh scented ones are sage, thyme, savory and lavender. If you are going to plant these, you will want to do it with light soil and some sand.

By growing perennial herbs in your garden you will be able to give your home a fresh look. The abovementioned herbs can generate various colors, from white to pink, to various shades of gold and green. When they blossom, it will be quite a sight. Of course, they can be used in recipes as stated, so their usefulness extends beyond beautifying your surroundings.

The advantages of growing perennial herbs are aplenty and considering their low maintenance, are relatively easy to nurture. If you want to get into gardening but not sure which ones to cultivate, these herbs will give you a good headstart.

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