How to Grow and Use Herbs
What You Need to Know to Grow Herbs & Spices

What You Need to Know to Grow Herbs & Spices

What would cooking be like without garnishing? If you are a veteran gardener, a cook or just want to get into gardening, there are only a few things you need to know when it comes to growing herbs and spices.

As you begin growing herbs and spices, always keep in mind the temperature and season. Generally these are best cultivated during the summertime. While sunlight is crucial, there are other factors that you will want to consider. For example, placing mulch in the soil will help the herbs grow to their full potential, and also add flavor.

Draining is also of paramount importance. With the right kind installed, growing herbs and spices will be easier and smoother because the water will be preserved. The type of drainage you use will be determined to an extent, of course, on the size of the garden you are making.

There is of course, no such thing as “proper size” for growing herbs and spices, but the average is usually at least 10 x 10 ft. Of course you will have to take into account the different kinds of herbs or spices you want to plant. These are used for medicine, ornaments or cooking, but the great thing about them is that most are pleasing to the eye.

Sage for instance, has a lovely purple color and can be used as an ornamental flower even though it is primarily used for cooking. Other culinary herbs like thyme and basil can also be used to decorate a garden.

Growing herbs and spices for medicinal purposes is another reason for their increasing popularity. There are several kinds that have been shown to help and supplement the nutritional needs of people, and there are several books and websites dedicated to that subject alone.

If you are growing herbs and spices for culinary purposes, remember to remove the leaves or the entire flower and place them in a bag. Let it hang upside down so that the flavor will seep down through the entire herb or spice. Afterwards you can crush the herbs and put them in a container and use them.

That more and more individuals are being attracted to growing herbs and spices will not surprise anyone who spends even a little time into this venture. Spend a little time in your garden attending to herbs, and you too will relish the sheer pleasure it brings.

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