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Steps for Growing Parsley

Steps for Growing Parsley

Among the many culinary herbs that are grown in gardens, few are as popular as the parsley. If you want to try your hand at growing herbs like these, you merely need to remember the following.

First off, although parsley is a biennial, it is cultivated and reared as an annual herb, because a lot of the time the products in the initial year are not that good. To get the most from this herb, a little patience is also required, because it takes about a month for it to fully germinate. Unlike other plants, parsley needs warmth more than sunlight.

Given this fact, it is more advisable for growing herbs like parsley to plant them in pots and store in a room in the house with a constantly warm temperature. To increase the chances of success, it is also recommended that you start placing several seeds in one container, so that there will be at least a few that will blossom.

If you prefer growing herbs like parsley outside, it is possible to transplant the one in your house. Also it is better if you sow the herb for about two months indoors prior to taking them out in the garden. Of course, sunlight is still important, and six hours will be excellent. However, if you think the heat is too hot, you can put it in under a shade, and this will not affect its growth.

Growing herbs always require good soil, and in the case of parsley, it needs the richer type. Also, make sure that the soil has plenty of decomposing material. With this combination, you can be certain that a bountiful crop will appear. This is applicable for outside planting. If you want to grow them indoors, you can opt to use potting soil mix, which already has the right ingredients.

Watering is essential for growing herbs, and parsley is no exception. Increase the amount of time that you water it during the summer, and consider including mulch to keep the moisture in place. It is also important that you look out for weeds and any other insects that may appear. A monthly application of fertilizer will also help enhance its growth.

Given its unique flavor, it should come as no surprise that growing herbs like parsley is something that almost all herb gardeners do. Be it for garnishing or providing contrast to strong spices, this versatile herb will serve you in many ways.

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