How to Grow and Use Herbs
Growing Herbs in Water is Easy

Growing Herbs in Water is Easy

There is a lot of sense and practicality in growing herbs in a small backyard plot behind the kitchen door, or even from pots placed on a sunny window sill. This way, you can have a ready and steady supply of herbs within reach for your culinary or medicinal needs. The only thing that you need is the patience to weed your backyard or pot garden. You should also see to it that their soil has the sufficient amount of moisture, oxygen and the right pH level. All these depend on the type of soil that your herbs grow on. That is why it takes some experience for you to know how often and how much you should water your herbs, the cultivation that they need and the type of fertilizer that you should put, if any. Simple and easy as these steps are, all these can all be done away with because growing herbs in water is a lot easier and rewarding.

Technically termed “hydroponics” or “water working” in Latin, growing herbs in water is a branch of soilless plant culture that allows you to grow herbs on rooftops or even inside crowded apartments in the “concrete jungles” of the metropolis. This method of gardening provides plant roots constant access to the right amount of nutrient rich oxygenated water eliminating the possibility of over or under watering. The addition of small aquarium aerators to pump in oxygen into the water and the placement of metal halide lights to aid photosynthesis controls and enhances vegetative growth. Growing herbs in water can be made less labor intensive by automating the operation of these devices using timers that turn on and off their electric switches. Under this controlled and clean environment, pests, diseases and weeds that commonly stalk plant culture using soil as a medium are eliminated.

While growing herbs in water may look difficult because it departs from the traditional way of raising terrestrial plants, it is really very simple and educational because it gives us a good grasp of how plants grow. It also presents many advantages to mankind because herbs and other vegetative plants grow faster, become more robust and require much less space to grow on. Needless to say, this revolutionary way of plant growing entails shorter gestation period and less cost. Growing herbs in water is the practical alternative for providing herbs that can be used for food, medicine and other applications at a price that can easily be afforded by our planet’s teeming millions.

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