How to Grow and Use Herbs
Practical Suggestions for a Home Herb Garden

Practical Suggestions for a Home Herb Garden

What to plant in one’s herb garden—this is what most people take time deciding after fixing and readying an herb garden. To make things simpler, here are some suggestions on herb collections for an herb garden.

Various herbs can serve different purposes, from being food, to being interior or exterior decors, herbal medicine, dye, hobby, or maintaining good health. There are a lot of herb options for an herb garden to choose from: Butterbur, Greater Burdock, Burning Bush, Borage, Burnet Salad, Campion Bladder, Bog Asphodel, Angelica, Anise, Dill Korean Mint, and Tarragon, to name a few.

At first, early backyard herb growers saw them as medicinal plants. Preparing their leaves, flowers, or roots as healing drinks or processed ointment worked wonders for the sick or those in pain. Then, herbs were also found to be superb ornamental plants in and around the house. Soon, other people began preparing their own backyard herb gardens for the many practical benefits they brought. Ajmund, Alexanders, Bistort, Ashwagandha, Anthemis, and Lady Bedstraw were among the varieties found perfect for an herb garden.

Then, they also began using herbs for cooking. Thus, many people today urge the setting up of an herbal garden somewhere near the kitchen to ensure fresh herb ingredients picked straight from the garden. Such herbs made dishes smell, taste, and look more appetizing, at the same time that food became more attractive with them. An herb garden near the kitchen also made sure that herbs are always available any time—no need to go out and buy.

A simple wooden structure leveled like a stair should do for a small home herb garden near the kitchen or in the patio. Try to have the “terraced” garden with 3 to 4 levels, each level about a foot high, a foot wide, and 4 to 5 feet long. On the levels, put small pots or used open cans filled with soil for planting the herbs. Make sure the terraced herb garden is in a corner or portion where gets enough sunlight and air. This cute herb garden should provide culinary herbs in no time.

If the home garden also has other vegetables planted in it, the herb garden would serve a double purpose in the area. Herbs are known to naturally repel insects and remedy pest and worm problems to increase the vegetable garden potential. Herbs will also provide a sweet aroma in the garden area.

Aside from being a good hobby, having a home herb garden can spice up daily life and meals.

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