How to Grow and Use Herbs
Reap Triple by Growing Herbs in the Home Garden

Reap Triple by Growing Herbs in the Home Garden

A home garden is among the most meaningful and productive hobbies one can have. And to make it doubly useful, growing herbs in the home garden should be considered.

There are certain advantages when growing herbs in the home garden, placing them side by side with other plants like vegetables or flowery plants, as against growing herbs and other plants in separate gardens. Some people plant gardens in the front yard and plant herbs in the backyard. There’s nothing wrong with this, except that that the benefits of growing herbs in the home garden together with other plants are not fully exploited.

First benefit is aesthetics. Herbs are so colorful, free standing or crawling on vine ladders, that they blend well with flower plants in the garden. Growing herbs in the home garden gives the advantage of having the interesting shapes, thick leafiness, and colors of herbs merge with the fine qualities of other flowering plants. Most herbs are easy to grow and they quickly spread and propagate so that no added effort is really needed when growing herbs in the home garden. Moreover, there are spaces which herbs can easily fill in that other garden plants cannot. Small nook and crannies in the garden need not be bare; fill them up with small shrubberies of herbs. Parsley is ideal for this function.

Second benefit is pest control. Herbs are the best, non-toxic, definitely inorganic pesticide available so far. Thus, when growing herbs in the home garden, the use of pesticide is minimized, if not entirely eliminated. While aromatic herbs give off a pleasing scent, insects and pests cannot take it. They avoid going near the area where herbs are located. Thus, growing herbs in the home garden gets rid of insects, not only in the garden to protect other plants (especially vegetables), but also the home as a whole.

It is advisable to have the herbs in windowsills in the kitchen, living room, patio, terrace, or just outside the living and dining room to keep most insects off the premise. And herbs planted in such places are not out of place because of their ornamental properties.
Third benefit is getting two hobbies done with the same effort. Collect garden flower or vegetable plants together with different species of herbs and make growing herbs in the home garden doubly productive and fun. Not only does the home get more homey and pleasant-looking, the dinner dishes also start getting more interesting and alluring, in sight, aroma, and taste.

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