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Harvesting Anise Seeds

Harvesting Anise Seeds

Anise make for beautiful plants, and having them in your gardens also has the added bonus of attracting bees. If you have planted some but are not sure how to collect the seeds, these are the things you will have to do.

Step 1 on how to harvest anise: get them at the right time

One of the problems that new gardeners complain about is that the seeds are hard to see. Although the anise seeds are small, they can be picked up easily. You just need to look inside the flowers that are growing in the vicinity of the stem. You will not have to look hard before you see the black dot like objects there.

Step 2 on how to harvest anise: cut the flower spike

Instead of trying to get the seeds out of the flowers one by one, you may cut the flower spike itself. Be careful when you do this so that you do not lose the seeds. To keep as many of them as possible, just hold the flower upright when you make the cut.

Step 3 on how to harvest anise: arrange the seeds

Once you have the flower in your hands, turn it upside down onto the table (you may want to place a piece of cloth there to better see the seeds) and let everything fall out. Try spinning or turning the flower around so that any other seeds remaining inside will fall out too.

Step 4 on how to harvest anise: let the seeds dry

This step is crucial for ensuring that mold does not appear, which would lead to decomposition. The time will range anywhere between 24 to 48 hours. You will be able to tell by examining the seeds and checking if they are already dry.

Step 5 on how to harvest anise: store them

The best place to keep the anise seeds is a container that is free from moisture. This again is to ascertain that rotting does not take place.. When storing in a jar, avoid using material like cloth or tissue paper because it might lead to molding; just putting the seeds in an airtight container will be enough. Now you can put them in a cool, dry place

There is no need for you to buy books to get the basic idea on how to harvest anise. The processes as detailed above are absolutely the only pertinent factors you will need to get the highest quality seeds possible.

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