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Ways of Growing Chervil

Ways of Growing Chervil

Those who prepare fish and soup meals will no doubt be familiar with chervil, as it is often a vital component in these recipes. Rather than buying, try growing herbs like this one instead.

A vital aspect when it comes to growing herbs like chervil is to immerse the seeds in water through the night prior to planting them. This is an essential step, because doing so will allow the seeds to germinate much more quickly and improve their chances of producing more flavorful products.

Another pertinent point that needs to be emphasized here is that the chervil needs to be placed under shade, but with still some exposure to sunlight. This is important for growing herbs like these because the seeds will grow too quickly, which can affect the product. When planting this herb the best time would be in the spring. The soil must also have been prepared some time prior to planting so it can help the herb grow.

It is also important to note that when growing herbs, the depth at which you plant them is crucial too. In the case of chervil about 1/8 of an inch will be sufficient. If you intend to grow several, allow about ten inches of space for each seed on the ground.

Compared with most other herbs, chervil needs to be watered daily, and the soil must be kept moist and damp at all times. When the plant has grown to a couple of inches, you may thin them out. Feel free to remove the leaves that you will use for cooking, but make sure that you do not completely remove everything so that there will be some left to continue growing.

One more thing needs to be said about growing herbs like chervil, and that is the white flowers need to be removed the moment they appear. Even better is to cut off the flowers before they start opening up. However, if you are cultivating this herb for design purposes, this step will obviously not be necessary.

Whether it is for design or cooking, you should also be on the lookout for any bugs or pests which may come. If you are growing herbs beside the chervil, check them too so that you will avoid any instances of pests jumping from one herb to another.

There is no need to limit your use of chervil to just fish and soup, though, because growing herbs will also prove useful in dishes like salad. Give your meals a distinct taste by applying this herb.

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