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A Primer on Growing Arugula

A Primer on Growing Arugula

Growing herbs is a hobby that anyone can take up, and for those interested in producing some of the rare ones, why not try the arugula, a staple in the Mediterranean meal?

The time for growing herbs is always important, and with regards to the arugula, it is in the spring. With respect to this herb, you need to use quality seeds and it is also recommended that it be planted outdoors. Although it can grow with limited sunshine, full coverage is much better. Unlike other herbs there is no need to soak the seeds prior to planting.

If you have started growing herbs before, you will often allocate ample space in between seeds, but with the arugula, you can plant the seeds side by side with only an inch of space separating them. It is also vital that unlike other herbs and plants, you must not thin. Due to the fact that it is constantly exposed to the sun, it will need regular watering. However, do not let the plants drown in too much water.

Another factor that you have to account for when growing herbs like the arugula is that sowing can be done every month from springtime to autumn. This helps ensure the appearance of other crops.

Earlier it was stated that growing herbs like the arugula are done outdoors, but if you want to do it indoors, you need to put the seeds in a tray and apply a little moisture (very little is needed at this point). Next step is to put the seeds in a room with lighting that is preferably low key; only after the hulls have disappeared can they be transferred to ordinary light.

Wherever you plan on growing herbs like arugula, you should do it at a time when the weather is not too hot (hence the recommendation of springtime). There is nothing wrong with cultivating them in the summer, but the problem is that the seeds will germinate too quickly, not allowing the flavor to come out right.

Before you start using arugula for cooking, you should make it a point to only get the smaller leaves, or those that have just appeared. The larger leaves often have a bitter taste, and can be quite brittle.

The arugula may not be as popular an herb as the others, but that is all the more reason to try it. By including it in your meals, your guests will be left wondering where you got that wonderful flavoring.

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