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Different Uses of Sage

Different Uses of Sage

Sage is an herb that’s frequently used with other exotic spices and herbs like, rosemary thyme, basil. Sometimes it’s used with mint to bring out the flavors of chicken, lamb, pork or beef. It can be combined with other herbs chiefly beans in soups. When added potatoes and vegetable dishes, it brings out the flavors with a harsh and bitter taste. Of course it should never be taken in large mounts otherwise you will taste the sage.

Sage mixes well with all kinds of cheese. A little sage when added to grilled cheese sandwich is a treat especially with Fontina cheese and wholemeal bread. Sage is famous as a special stuffing ingredient. It would be hard to find a recipe that doesn’t have sage in it. Other than that, sage has an aroma that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Hence of its strong and distinctive aroma, should not be put in large quantities.

The sage can be easily dried. It is this version of sage that is frequently used in cooking. The dry herb can be chopped or cut to bring a “whole” sage or it can be finely ground. When it’s rubbed between the hands into power is called “rubbed” sage.But when I cook, I love the aroma of fresh leaves that can be used in salads and soups. The flowers are edible too and they have a distinctive delicate aroma than the leaves. Sage can also last throughout
a full season of winter if you keep them in a well sealed plastic bag in your freezer.

Over a wonderful barbeque or when grilling in doors, you can just throw in the leaves and stem of the sage into the hot charcoal. This will give a wonderful aroma to the dishes being prepared.

Sage Pesto

Basil is not the only herb in the world that you can make into pesto. Sage also has its unique flavor which can make for a tasty pesto
as stuffing for chicken recipes. The following is a recipe for
sage pesto which is used as a stuffing for the chicken.


2 cups of loosely packed sage leaves
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoonfuls (30ml) lemon zest
2 tablespoonfuls (30ml) slivered almonds (or almond paste)
1 teaspoonful sugar (optional)


Blend to form a paste and arrange and Onion Stuffing

Take the following:

6 tablespoonfuls (75ml) butter
2 cups hot water
4 cups breadcrumbs
1 onion, finely chopped
1 tablespoonful (15ml) sage, chopped
1 tablespoonful (15ml) parsley, chopped
1 tablespoonful (15ml) fennel, chopped


1 Melt the butter in the hot water

2 Mix in the other ingredients

This should be enough for a 2kg chicken.

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