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Enjoy and Taste These Delightful Dill Recipes

Enjoy and Taste These Delightful Dill Recipes

Dill is one of the popular perennial herbs that are often used as key ingredients in tasty and savory dishes. Aside from its addition in main courses, dill can also be used in making delicious dips and sauces. For those who want to have healthy and delicious meals, they can try some dill recipes such as Dill and Shrimp Salad, Dill Tarragon Salmon, as well as Sweet Pea and Dill Salad. Other recipes that use dill as their main ingredient are Carrot Dill Soup and Danish Meatballs with Dill Sauce.

Dill and Shrimp Salad

In this dill recipe, the herb is added to produce savory and tasty salad. By combining all the ingredients, shrimp, dill, lemon juice, green onions, celery, pepper, and mayonnaise, everyone can prepare this dish in less than 10 minutes. Before serving the salad, it is best to garnish the plate or the bowl with fresh dill leaves.

Dill Tarragon Salmon

This impressive recipe uses salmon fillets, dried dill and dried tarragon as its key ingredients. Basically, dill is added to enhance the scent and taste of this baked dish. Other ingredients that make this dill recipe more luring and enticing are Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, lemon juice, and yogurt. To prepare the cheese mixture, combine all the ingredients aside from salmon fillets. Put the fillets in a baking dish and spread the delicious mixture with salmon. Place the baking dish inside an oven preheated to 200 degrees C for at most 15 minutes. Transfer the dish in a plate and serve immediately.

Sweet Pea and Dill Salad

A rejuvenating, delectable, and healthy dill recipe, Sweet Pea and Dill Salad is very easy to prepare. Dill is used in this dish to make it tastier. Other ingredients in this recipe are green peas, sour cream, horseradish, mustard, salt, pepper and mayonnaise. After combining all the ingredients in a bowl, people can also garnish the salad with fresh dill weed to enhance its appearance.

Carrot Dill Soup

When it comes to appetizers, one of the scrumptious dill recipes that everyone can prepare is Carrot Dill Soup. Basically, fresh dill is used in this recipe to garnish the soup. To enhance the flavor of the appetizer, it is best to add chicken stock and fresh chives in the dish. If fresh dill is not available, everyone can use dried dill as an alternative.

Danish Meatballs with Dill Sauce

For main courses, people can prepare the delectable and pleasant-tasting Danish Meatballs with Dill Sauce. In this dish, fresh dill is used to enhance the flavor of the meatballs. Other key ingredients in this dill recipe are ground veal, ground pork, ground beef, heavy cream, and bread crumbs. When preparing the sauce, people can use chicken broth and butter to make it more delicious and appetizing.

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