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A Guide to Growing Herbs in the City

A Guide to Growing Herbs in the City

If the smoke and pollution is choking your home, growing herbs in the city may be the answer as it can bring back the fresh aroma of the country, not to mention it adds a little style to your house or apartment.

Whether you are growing herbs in the city for their scent, medication or food, the considerations are still the same. Chief among them will be the container you will use and also where you will place it. In terms of pot quality there are several to choose from, but the most widely used are terra cotta and foam pots, either of which will do just fine. When it comes to sun exposure, allocate at least 5 hours.

The soil is also important for growing herbs in the city. You need to use the potting mixes available at stores because the soil in a typical garden contains substances not suitable for herbs grown in a container. Be wary of containers made of clay though, because they tend to release too much moisture. When looking for the ideal pot mix, check those that include any of the following: peat, compost or perlite.

One of the common problems with growing herbs in the city are pests and insects. Aside from using safe deterrents, you should also distribute the pots evenly so the leaves do not get entangled. Another thing that you should watch for will be when you combine herbs in a single pot, as this can cause problems and attract insects.

It is also crucial that when you start growing herbs in the city, you allow them time to adjust to the changing of the seasons. What this means is that when summer time approaches, you should slowly increase the amount of time the plants and herbs spend in the sun. When winter time approaches, the reverse process should be followed instead.

Although herbs do not need a lot of water as a rule, the atmosphere in the city may require that you increase the amount you put in. To determine how much you will need so that growing herbs in the city will be successful, you should always check the soil in the pots.

Despite popular beliefs, growing herbs in the city is possible. As long as you follow the proper procedure and give them the proper caring, you will have little difficulty raising them as if you were in the country or in a garden.

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