How to Grow and Use Herbs
Mint: Understanding the Basic Steps in Growing Herbs

Mint: Understanding the Basic Steps in Growing Herbs

One of the enjoyable and interesting hobbies that everyone can try, growing herbs requires a lot of time and commitment, since these plants have special qualities. Most herbs are very useful when it comes to preparing dishes, as well as making cosmetics. Other herbs possess medicinal qualities, which makes them more popular. Like mint, an aromatic perennial herb, many individuals cultivate it in their home gardens for they find it very helpful and useful in their daily lives.

Special Qualities of Mint

To people who are new in growing herbs, the first factor that they should consider before they cultivate these plants is the special characteristics of the herb that they want to plant. For instance, mint adds luring aroma to several dishes. It can also be used as garnish to make foods more enticing and presentable. Furthermore, many alcoholic beverages, jellies, and syrups feature this herb to compliment the taste produced by other ingredients that manufacturers use in making the products. When it comes to the medicinal qualities of mint, many physicians agree that this herb can cure chest pains, as well as stomachache. In addition, it is an effective treatment for decongestant. In cosmetics, the herb is a common ingredient in perfumes and body oils.

How to Grow Mint

New gardeners should first know the different important aspects of growing herbs like mint to benefit from these plants. First, it is necessary that mint seedlings be planted in moist soil. Second, since the herb is not delicate and sensitive to frequent temperature changes, it can be planted in outdoor gardens. Finally, when planted in indoor gardens, they should remember to expose the plant from direct sunlight from time to time.

Another aspect of growing herbs that every new gardener must know is how to properly harvest the useful parts of the herb. Choose young leaves and let it dry in a breezy place. Use airtight containers to store the dried herb. To individuals who plan to freeze mint leaves, put the leaves in ice trays with water. When all the ice cubes are frozen, transfer the ice cubes in airtight containers.

Growing herbs is very beneficial since each herb has unique medicinal, aromatic, and savory qualities. Once again, to new gardeners who have deep passion for growing herbs in their gardens, it is necessary that they first learn the fundamentals in cultivating the special plants to minimize problems and maximize the benefits that they get from them.

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