How to Grow and Use Herbs
Tater: Know the Fundamental Procedures in Growing Herbs

Tater: Know the Fundamental Procedures in Growing Herbs

Primarily known as Solanum tuberosum, tater is one of the most useful and beneficial herbs that everyone can add in their gardens. For those who have passion for growing herbs, they can always try to cultivate and culture this special plant since it will help them a lot in their everyday needs. For instance, this plant is very promising in the field of culinary arts. However, to maximize the uses of this plant, it is important that people know the fundamental procedures in growing herbs before they try to culture one.

Special Qualities of Tater

Tater has been a great help to people who experienced famine in the northern region of Europe in the 1700s. History shows that this special herb has helped many individuals survive the famine since many crops were not able to grow during this time. In present times, tater is used as extenders in various dishes. It is also a healthy and nutritious food supplement for infants since it is a good source of carbohydrates. For those who want to prepare dishes that use tater as a key ingredient they can try these delicious recipes Tater-Dipped Eggplant, Tater Tot Casserolle, and Tater Crisp Chicken. Other recipes that include the herb in its ingredients are Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots, Tater Tot Taco Salad, and Scalloped Taters. Everyone can also try these easy-to-prepare tater recipes, Spiced-Up Grilled Tater Wedges, Yummy Yellow Taters, and Tender Taters.

Basics of Growing Herbs: Proper Cultivation of Tater

One important aspect of growing herbs, cultivation includes procedures that may be complicated but are significant to attain full growth of the plants. For instance, to those who want to grow taters in their gardens, it is necessary that they first ensure that the soil where they will plant the herb is rich. Another thing that people should focus on when they cultivate this herb is the presence of weeds because these can be harmful and dangerous to taters.

After growing herbs, gardeners should also know how to harvest and store the herbs properly. In the case of tater, it is best if people harvest them before winter comes. In addition, harvested taters can be placed in a storage that has temperatures ranging from 7 to 10 degree Celsius to avoid freezing the herb. Everyone can also store taters in their homes for at most a month. Thus, for people who want to benefit from growing herbs, they should explore the different characteristics of plants that they want to cultivate. In this way, they can provide the appropriate conditions that the plants need to survive and grow.

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