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Instructions for Growing Horehound

Instructions for Growing Horehound

Growing herbs for medication has been around for a while now, and one of the most widely utilized is the horehound. If you want to cultivate this plant, here are the steps you will need to perform.

The vital thing to remember when growing herbs like horehounds is that these are the types that are best grown from seeds and at temperatures above 50 F. This does not just refer to a particular day wherein it exceeds 50 degrees, but rather it has been that way for a while because that is what this herb needs to cultivate properly.

Spacing is also essential when it comes to growing herbs and in the case of the horehound, you must give each seed about 15 inches. While this may seem like a lot, the fact is that in a space of a few years, the plant can grow to lengths up to three feet. It should be obvious that if you want to grow several horehounds, you need to have a sizeable garden or at least know how to trim and manage their growth.

The soil that you will use with the horehound must be of medium fertility and avoiding excessive dampness is a must, because the horehounds do not adapt well to overly moist conditions. To make a suitable drainage system, you combine some sand with the soil. Needless to say this has to be done prior to growing herbs like these.

What makes growing herbs like the horehound different from others is that it needs very little water. At most, the plant requires a foot of water every year to flourish. It is not unusual at all to see gardeners watering these plants only in cases of extremely hot weather or when the plants show signs of fading or wilting under the heat, but do so sparingly.

If you are growing herbs of this type for use in medicine, be sure that you are knowledgeable in their application. Fortunately there is plenty of information for using this herb in medicine on the Internet and several books. Their use as a homemade remedy against coughs is well documented so that may be something you want to try out first.

Because of the versatility of horehounds, growing herbs like these have become very popular among gardeners and those that are into selling herbal products. For those interested in making some money at selling herbs, this is one product worth cultivating.

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