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The Ways to Cook with Mint

The Ways to Cook with Mint

The common mint herbs we know are peppermint and spearmints. The most difficult part in trying to grow mints it in choosing the variety you want to grow. In brewing mint to become tea it is better to choose the Swiss variety, peppermint and apple mint.

In cooking the spearmint is usually used especially for Vietnamese dishes. English mint is used for recipes for lamb. Corsican mint on the other hand has a carpet like texture which can be used as a cover for the garden so grass or weeds will not grow there instead. Mint plants can grow fully well once it is planted. Many gardeners know that it is better to grow mint in the plant pots or containers because it gives more control of the growth.

There is a tall mint variety known as Mentha in Italy gives off a strong aroma and the flowers are colored light purple. This type is indigenous to European countries but today there are many countries outside Europe cultivating it. There was also an old legend that during the time that the wife of Pluto got jealous she changed a beautiful nymph named Minthes into a plant which looked ordinary. Pluto cannot break the curse however he gave the plant a nice fragrance.

Spearmint has been used for several centuries because of its medicinal properties even the famous Hippocrates was able to write something about it. In the medieval era it was used for whitening the teeth and to cure any kind of insect bite.

In the early years of the seventeenth century peppermint became popular. The oils of the peppermint were heavily used to cure illnesses. This variety was famous for curing and stimulating the bile of the stomach which helps improve digestion. It is true that eating mint after the heavy meal is good for the body. The Japanese variety is the main source for menthol which is a popular oil used as a flavoring for different foods. This is almost the same as the peppermint but the intensity is less. Sometimes the oil of the Japanese mint is used in replacement of the authentic peppermint.

Peppermint and Spearmint are typically used in many types of cuisine. They give the food a refreshing and sweet touch. There are many ways you can use peppermint for making different foods. The oil of the peppermint is usually used for making teas, candies and chocolates. It also adds more flavor and scent to dishes with peas, lamb and fruits.

Mint is typically found in dishes made in the Middle East. Most of the dishes have snipped leaves on them like the marinade for their chicken recipes. Julep is another variety of the mint which is used to make bourbon cocktails, fruit punches and some shakes. The leaves are used for garnishing to any kind of dish. Mint is one of the herbs with different uses and growing them can be easy too.

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