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Essential Facts for Harvesting Cilantro

Essential Facts for Harvesting Cilantro

The best way to learn how to harvest cilantro is to go out there in your garden and do it. There is no need to go over books, because all you need to get it right are the following.

Step 1 on how to harvest cilantro: cut the leaves at the right time

It is true that the leaves of the cilantro can be removed at any time as soon as the plant starts growing and the foliage appears. However, to get the maximum flavor from the herb, you should wait for the plant to grow to about six inches tall. Once it reaches this stage, you may cut the leaves, but keep the ones nearer the base intact so it may continue to flourish and produce the herbs you need.

Step 2 on how to harvest cilantro: pick the seeds at the right time

Aside from the leaves, the cilantro seeds are also useful as coriander. It is easy enough to know the right time to get them. Usually you will be able to collect about two to three sets of leaves before you can get to the seeds. Of course, you may also use these seeds for propagating the plant as well.

Step 3 on how to harvest cilantro: use immediately

Unlike other herbs, storing cilantro is not a good idea, as the flavors are quickly lost. Those who use this herb just get the ones they need, and after picking use it for cooking right away. There are a lot of ways you can utilize this herb, and one of the most popular is to chop it and mix with salsa.

Step 4 on how to harvest cilantro: always keep an eye on the plant

One other thing needs to be stated about the cilantro, and that it grows very quickly. This is ideal for those that use the leaves and seeds a lot in their recipes, but for those who are new to gardening or planting, you need to be constantly aware when the optimum time is for plucking the right parts, so you can get the best flavor possible. Of course, watering and tending to the plant as well as you can is essential.

Understanding how to harvest cilantro is easy and can be learned by anyone who is determined to study the matter. Once you have gotten the facts, it will take but a few moments to master them.

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