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Simple Ways of Harvesting Spearmint

Simple Ways of Harvesting Spearmint

Versatility aside, the wonderful aroma of this herb is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are now interested in knowing how to harvest spearmint. The way to do it is detailed below.

Step 1 on how to harvest spearmint: plant in pots

This has to be pointed out because if you plant the herb on the ground, it will spread quickly. So rapidly in fact, that it might take over the entire garden and harm the other plants that you have around. What will happen is that you could end up spending your whole time weeding and cutting instead of harvesting, so cultivate the spearmint in containers. It will save you a lot of work later on.

Step 2 on how to harvest spearmint: use garden shears for cutting

One of the reasons why some spearmint fail to grow or get stunted is that new gardeners tend to just grab a handful of leaves. That is not how it is done; you should get garden scissors and sever them. This method will ensure that you only get the ones you require right now.

Step 3 on how to harvest spearmint: remove leaves after drying

Those that want to dry the herb should first cut the stem (or stems). Next these should be placed in a warm and moisture free place. If you leave it in a damp area, the leaves will decay. Once the leaves and stems have dried completely, you can remove the leaves and discard the twig.

Step 4 on how to harvest spearmint: do not forget the oil

The leaves are used to flavor tea, and can help pregnant women overcome dizziness or vomiting. However, the oil extracts are also useful for sweets, and can be used for gurgling and mouth washing. If you are into soap making, this can be utilized as an ingredient as well.

Spearmint leaves can be used right after picking, or you may chose to dry it out first in the manner indicated earlier. Whichever method you pick, the quality or flavor will not be lost if applied to tea. For salads and sweets, it can be made a seasoning and flavoring ingredient.

The best thing about breeding and cultivating plants and herbs is that it will serve you in many ways, from cooking to decorating. Understanding how to harvest spearmint will make the task of propagating and utilizing them even simpler.

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