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Lemongrass: Know the Essential Factors Involved in Growing Herbs

Lemongrass: Know the Essential Factors Involved in Growing Herbs

Also known as Cymbopogon, lemongrass is a type of perennial herb that belongs to the family of Poacea. This special herb has many uses when it comes to cooking, gardening, and to curing some illnesses. Meanwhile, to those who have great passion and interest for growing herbs, they can always include this herb in the plants that they cultivate in their gardens since it is very simple and easy to grow and preserve.

Special Qualities of Lemongrass

Before growing herbs like lemongrass in their own places, gardeners should know the special qualities of the plants that they want to cultivate to have ideas about the effective methods to grow them. For example, lemongrass is known for its culinary uses. Many dishes use this herb as a key ingredient for it produces sweet scent. There are also viands that feature lemongrass because it can also enhance the flavor of the dishes. Some delicious dishes that use lemongrass are Spicy Thai Vegan Steak with Chili and Lemon Grass Dressing, Steamed Lemon Grass Crab Legs, as well as Lemon Grass and Chicken Summer Rolls. Other lemon grass recipes that everyone can cook are Vietnamese Style Vegetarian Curry Soup, Spicy Thai Vegetable Soup, and Thai Breaded Chicken Fillets. Gardeners can surely benefit by successfully growing herbs such as lemongrass.

Basics in Growing Herbs

Growing herbs like lemongrass is very easy and simple. However, to successfully grow this herb, it is essential that people know the environmental conditions that can enhance the growth of the plant. For instance, seeds of this herb grow well in places that are sunny and breezy. However, cold weather can be dangerous to this plant, so it is important that gardeners provide protection for the herb during winter. In addition, rich soil can stimulate or enhance the development of this perennial herb. Above all, proper watering of the plant is necessary for its survival.

After cultivating and growing herbs like lemongrass, gardeners can cut old stalks to let young stalks grow for some time. To preserve the leaves of the herb, it is best to dry them in a breezy place. Meanwhile, people can roast or boil the herb to extract the aromatic and savory qualities of this plant. However, if they want to store the leaves, gardeners can cut the leaves in several proportions and place them inside airtight containers. Place the containers inside refrigerators or in cool and dry places. From the harvest date, people can use the herb up to two years.

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