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Easy Ways of Harvesting Fennel

Easy Ways of Harvesting Fennel

Planting is only step one, and learning how to harvest fennel is the culmination of the entire process. The procedures for collecting the yields of your labors are, fortunately, very simple and straightforward.

Step 1 on how to harvest fennel: look for bugs

Since you are going to use these herbs for cooking, you need to make sure that it is clean. Even though you may be spraying it with pesticides regularly (or not, if you are raising it in an organic manner), double checking to ascertain that no bugs and insects are lurking around will never hurt.

The proper maintenance of fennel is essential for getting the best quality herb possible. So what this basically means is that the type of leaves you will harvest depends entirely on how much time you put in for planting and cultivating.

Step 2 on how to harvest fennel: pick carefully

The time to reap would be when the bottom part starts to bulb out. When it gets to about 6 inches, carefully take the plant, and pull it, holding on to the bulb. When slicing you should remove everything, leaving only 9 inches of the fern.

Step 3 on how to harvest fennel: store in the right place

Just like with other herbs, you need to place the fennel bulbs at the right location. If you want to use it later in the week, you should put all the bulbs in a bag. Now you can set them inside the refrigerator. When it is ready to be used, you just take it out. Related to the carrot family, fennel can be utilized in a variety of dishes, from vegetables to salads. Where you want to put them is up to you.

Step 4 on how to harvest fennel: tend to the plants before and after reaping

The reason this step is very important is that this is where your skills as a gardener can truly improve. Do not be content with just removing the bulbs and using them for your meals. After doing this you can go back to caring for the plant, watering, fixing the soil, fertilizing when needed, etc. The reason for this is that you will likely get even higher and better quality yields.

As is obvious by now, learning how to harvest fennel is as easy as it gets. All it takes to master these skills is going to the garden and picking the leaves.

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