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Cooking with Garlic Chives: A Glimpse at the Special Uses of Such Herb in Cookery

Cooking with Garlic Chives: A Glimpse at the Special Uses of Such Herb in Cookery

Although quite new to some parts of the world, cooking with garlic chives has long been a common practice in many countries in Asia. Compared to garlic, this special herb has a milder flavor. Meanwhile, many people use its flower stalks and leaves to provide food a pleasant flavor, just like what other herbs like garlic, green onions, and chives usually do. Cooking with garlic chives is a widely used practice in countries like Vietnam, Korea, and China.

Cooking with garlic chives is a common practice that gives food a distinctively delicious taste that is far much better than regular tasting dishes. In Vietnam for instance, people chop the leaves of garlic chives and then mix them with a special soup recipe, which contains other key ingredients such as pork kidneys and broth. In Korea, some of its most popular dishes have garlic chives in them including Jaecheopguk, which is a specialty soup comprised of clams and garlic chives. Simultaneously, this herb is also a key component of the Korean pancakes called Buchjeon, as well as the national dish referred to as Buchukimchi.

Furthermore, cooking with garlic chives is already an age-old practice in China, which uses the herb in countless different ways to cook its varied food specialties. In making dumplings, the Chinese people combine pork, shrimp, and egg with garlic chives to create once super tasty dish. Add to that, they also use its flowers to add more flavor to various kinds of dishes. Other impressively delicious Chinese specialties with garlic chives are Yi Mein, Jiucai Bing, and a local flatbread delicacy that is very much like green onion pancakes.

Cooking with garlic chives is a process that people can use in different types of dishes, particularly seafood varieties. Lobster Medallions with Garlic and Chive Sauce, Shrimp Butter with Garlic and Chives, as well as Scallop and Shrimp Minestrone are just some of the many tasty seafood delicacies that use garlic chives as flavor enhancer. Meanwhile, this herb also tastes good with different chicken specialties such as Blue Cheese Chicken, Chicken Kiev with Sherry Sauce, and Fast Fried Chicken White Gravy. Moreover, many salad dishes also contain garlic chives in them, including Fresh Marinated Vegetable Salad, Green Goddess Salad Dressing, and Creamy Basil Salad Dressing.

People can create numerous unique, appetizing, and tasty dishes, only if they can master the art of cooking with garlic chives. Besides seafood, chicken, and salad dishes, this special herb goes tremendously well with beef, pork, and even casseroles. It can also be included in many tasty snacks and light meals. With all these special uses in cookery, no wonder why many people are starting to love putting garlic chives in their dishes.

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