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Using and Cooking with Sweet Marjoram

Using and Cooking with Sweet Marjoram

Many people are not familiar with marjoram. Marjoram is one of the best herbs you can use in different ways. Some beef recipes are added with marjoram which tastes great like Beef Jerky. Some people get confused between the oregano and the marjoram. For a botanist there is no difference between the two plants however for a chef there are major differences. Years ago oregano was recognized as the wild marjoram. The two plants thought don’t really look perfectly the same. The marjoram actually belongs to the family of the mints and it is even known to be the twin of the herb called thyme.

Marjoram has a milder flavor that has hints of sweetness while oregano has the balsamic flavor. Oregano is known to be the best compliment for meats and it is not common to use it for sweets. It is used in many Middle Eastern dishes and Mediterranean as well. Marjoram is mostly grown and bought in Egypt. Years ago Egyptians used marjoram with other sweet smelling spices to please their gods during the process of embalming them. Hippocrates has mentioned marjoram in some of his medical writings. He said that it was grown in Rome and symbolized happiness. If you find marjoram on the grave of a dead relative they say that he is enjoying a good life in the other side.

Origanum Marjorana is the scientific name of Marjoram. It can be easily grown by anyone with the seeds but you have to be patient and wait until the winter is over because it needs more sunlight and they grow best in dry weather. It can grow up to ten inches and it can bear flowers that are small. The color of the flowers can either be pink or white. Many gardeners recommend removing buds as they are forming buds because it will prolong their life.

Marjoram also belongs to the perennial family and it is very sensitive to cold temperatures. It will wither during the winter and it should be taken inside the house during the cold months by taking the root clippings and putting it in the water. In the summer or the warm season you can get another spur of leaves by cutting it.

Marjoram is typically dried and the sweet fragrance blend well with other dried herbs and seasonings to make dishes tastier. It is best used for recipes with meat and vegetables. It can also be added to chicken and fish recipes.

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