How to Grow and Use Herbs
Basil: Knowing the Fundamental Steps for Growing Herbs

Basil: Knowing the Fundamental Steps for Growing Herbs

A very popular ingredient in many delectable and pleasant-tasting dishes, basil has different interesting and useful properties that everyone can find beneficial in their daily lives. Aside from its culinary uses, this herb is also helpful in curing several illnesses. By learning the fundamental steps for growing herbs like basil, people can surely maximize the different opportunities that these plants offer to them.

Special Characteristics of Basil

When it comes to cooking and preparation of different dishes, everyone can always use basil in enhancing the flavors and aroma of delicious sauces like pesto. In addition, the herb is one of the key ingredients in making deserts such as pastries and ice creams. In some countries, people use the seeds of this herb in manufacturing canned beverages and preserved fruit jams. Besides the use of the herb in cooking, many individuals also find it useful in treating diseases. For individuals who have problems diabetes and asthma, the herb can help improve their medical conditions. Furthermore, this special plant has qualities that prevent people from having viral diseases. With all the knowledge in growing herbs, everyone can take advantage of the medical, aromatic, and savory uses of this plant.

About Growing Herbs

Growing herbs include several stages like planting, cultivating, and drying. When planting an annual herb like basil, gardeners plant and cultivate the seeds in a sunny and breezy place. It is also significant that they plant them in pots that have medium rich, as well as well-drained soil. Additionally, space is important to the growth of this herb, so basil seeds must be planted at least 10 inches apart from each other. Beginners must have sufficient knowledge on the proper application of fertilizers and insecticides in this herb. To prepare basil for harvesting, gardeners cut the stems before flowers blossom from them.

Harvesting and Preserving Basil Seeds and Leaves

After cultivating, the next important stage in growing herbs is harvesting. When gardeners harvest basil seeds and leaves, they place the plant inside a dark and warm room. Let the leaves and seeds dry up and place them inside airtight containers or plastic bags. To maintain the freshness of basil leaves, place them in an ice tray that is filled with water. Store the tray in a freezer. Place ice cubes inside a plastic bag and let the ice melts. Use the leaves while they are still fresh.

Patience and commitment are very important when growing herbs. Thus, for new gardeners, it is necessary that they understand the special qualities and characteristics of herbs that they plant to include in their gardens to maximize the uses of these plants.

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