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Basic Information on Growing Parsley

Basic Information on Growing Parsley

Parsley or Petroselinum crispum, is a biennial herb that is cultivated all year long. Italian or curled leaf parsley is popular as a fresh garnish for American dishes. The sprigs from growing the plant can be eaten and are perfect flavorings for salads, soups, and main dishes.

During the Medieval Period, parsley was placed on the table as well as the neck of hungry people in order to remove the smell of food. During those times, parsley was likewise used as an antidote for poison. It was helpful to victims of food poisoning for eating raw meat.

In learning how to harvest parsley, high temperature is required for the seed to germinate. It would need several weeks to grow. Before planting the seed, it should be soaked in warm water throughout the night. The seed can germinate in pots and must be kept warm inside until the seedlings have developed.

When learning how to harvest parsley, outdoor herb gardens require the plants to be arranged in rows one foot away from each other in early spring. The bed must have a depth of ½ inch. Bonemeal should be added to the topsoil. When the seedlings are at least three inches tall, they should be planted outdoors.

In learning the basics of how to harvest parsley, you should choose a location where the herb can get a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily. It works best in complete sunlight.

The growing parsley should be placed in soil with organic material. This will help guarantee a healthy crop collected from the garden. If the condition of the soil is poor and there is insufficient space, the best thing to do is to plant the herb in a container. For parsley to grow inside, at least five hours of sunlight daily is required.

To learn how to harvest parsley, the herb should be given a monthly dose of fertilizer all season long to maintain its growth. During summer, it should be watered to ensure that the soil will not be dry. To lessen moisture loss and prevent weeds from growing, mulch should be added to the soil.

Parsley grows throughout the season. From the time of planting until the harvest season is about three months. When the plant begins to have seeds, the plant ceases to become a herb.

During the fall season, dried parsley leaves can be kept in tight jars. The roots can be transferred to pots for cultivating the plant inside. When spring comes the flower stems should be removed to sustain the growth of the plant.

When learning how to harvest parsley, growing the herb in a deep pot will be vital to its long taproots. Lightly mulched parsley can thrive in cooler conditions. Finally, when learning how to harvest parsley, make sure that you keep the herb warm and watered regularly.

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