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The Right Way to Store Thyme

The Right Way to Store Thyme

Thyme is one of the widely used herbs in the world. It even leaves an aftertaste. It belongs to the finest herbs in the French dishes. Most of the time the leaves or sprigs are added to the salads as garnishing and it can also be added to clam chowder. This herb also complements lamb, beef, fish, veal and poultry very well.

Many people also like growing this in their herb garden. Harvesting this herb is not that difficult and storing them is easier. Below are the simple steps in storing thyme well so you can use them for more days after harvest.

Materials or Ingredients needed:

1. string
2. Ziploc or plastic bags, glass containers
3. vaccum sealer if you will use an ordinary plastic bag
4. paper bags
5. sharp scissors or knife


First step- Cutting the herbs

Use your scissors or knife and start cutting the larger branches. It is better to harvest from the mature thyme. Shake each branch to remove all the insects or dirt. Check each stem and take out the old leaves or the ones with spots.

Second step- Rinsing the herbs

Wash each stem using cold water and pat each dry using a paper towel while removing each trace of water. Making sure each stem is dry is important because it will grow molds if it’s not fully dry and will ruin all the leaves.

Third Step – Removing some leaves from each stem

Hold the bunch upside down and take out the leaves on the upper part of the stems. Tie each stem tightly together. You can also tie them in smaller groups for higher moisture absorption.

Fourth Step – Putting the tied bunches in the paper bag.

Put each group in a dry paper bag and hang them upside down. Gather each bag on it’s base and tie them up again. You can tie a lace around each of them. Add holes by cutting the bag for air. Be sure that the leaves will not touch the bag’s sides. Put the name of the herb and write the date when you hang it up.

Fifth Step – Separating the leaves

Get the bags and strip the leaves that are dry from each stem. Crush them so it will become smaller and you can put them in your jar.

Sixth Step – Actual Storing

Store the dried herbs in clean containers and in a place that is far from direct light. If you will put them in ziploc bags be sure to seal it tight. A good tip is to put a straw and suck the extra air from it. Remove it by pressing it while closing it little by little until the last end and press it while finally taking the straw out.
Label it with the date so you know how long you can use the herb.

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