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Methods to Store Chives

Methods to Store Chives

Chives are herbs closely related to onions and garlics. Chives are the smallest in this group. This plant usually grows in groups.
The leaf is responsible for giving flavor to a lot of dishes. Chives are common in the fresh food section of many groceries. You can also grow chives in your herb garden.

The flavor of chives is like light onion and they are added to many recipes for soups, fish dishes, sandwiches, sauces and salads. This herb belongs to the fine herbs known to French cuisine which includes parsley and tarragon. Chives have flowers that have light purple color. The leaves are elongated and tubular which can grow up to two feet. They are also hollow. The flowers blossom around May until June. Chives are also easy plants grow. It needs a lot of sunlight and moisture. You can harvest them around the summer time or when the flowers start to come out. There are easy ways to store chives in your home.

You should always choose fresh chives.If you have a garden try to get the ones that have less discolorations on the leaves. Snip the leaves with any dark color. The first step is rinsing the chives in cold water and after that putting them inside the salad spinner. This will dry it thoroughly and remove the extra water. Next step is to get a damp paper towel. Damp them in cold water but don’t make them fully wet. Then wrap the chives inside the towel and put then inside a plastic or freezer bag and seal it well. The last step is to put them inside the freezer. Try to remove most of the air from the bag as you seal up each plastic bag.

Another way of storing chives it is by freeze-drying it. You start by getting plastic bags and wrapping each chive and putting them altogether in the refrigerator for one week.

The third way is to rinse the chives first in cool water using a colander. Dry them in your salad spinner by putting the sprigs one by one. Pat each stem with paper towels which ensures that the stems will have no moisture at all. Put all the chives on one paper towel and cover it. Put another layer of paper towel. Then place it inside the microwave and dry it for two minutes. You should see it every twenty five seconds making sure they will not get toasted. You can now chop each sprig and put them in a clean container.

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