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How to Store Rocket Herbs

How to Store Rocket Herbs

Every new cook worries about the herb not having the right flavor when you use it, but if you learn how to store rocket after it is harvested, this will not be a problem at all. Choose from any of the following methods to preserve this herb.

How to store rocket after it is harvested (procedure 1): drain and dry

This is probably the most popular method for keeping this herb fresh. Unlike other herbs, you can use any type of bag (even the one that came from the grocery store). Just remove the stems and place the leaves in the bag and straight into the fridge. You can chop the leaves if you want, but leaving them whole will also do. This preservation method will keep the leaves fresh for about three days.

How to store rocket after it is harvested (procedure 2): freeze the leaves

A lot of people prefer to freeze organic food that is not about to be consumed because it helps retain its freshness. The same thing can be said for rocket. Prior to storing it in the freezer, throw away the stems. Take the individual leaves and throw them in a freezer bag and keep it chilled until you decide to use them. This is good for about a week at most.

If you are going to slice the leaves into smaller bits, you should apply some oil to keep them from scattering about.

How to store rocket after it is harvested (procedure 3): drying

This method is not used often, but it is another way of preserving the herb. Just use your scissors to remove the stems you want to use and preserve. Do not remove the stems; get a straw or rope and tie them together (not too tight because the twigs might break). Take them inside your house and keep it away from sun and moisture. After a couple of days, the leaves should be dry enough for use.

Part of knowing how to store rocket after it is harvested involves more than reading, so you need to go to your gardens and actually try it out. Always remember to harvest it at the right occasions so that you will get the flavors you require.

Be it for Asian inspired recipes or European cuisines, understanding how to store rocket after it is harvested can go a long way towards helping you not just prepare but also get more flavor from every dish you set out to make.

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