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Ways to Store Tarragon

Ways to Store Tarragon

Tarragon is an herb with a fragrant scent and the flavor is similar to anise. It is mostly used for flavoring several dishes and as an ingredient to perfumes. This herb can be easily grown in your own garden and you can harvest it at the right time and have your own Tarragons you can use anytime you want. Some growers also sell them in their neighborhood. Getting this herb from the garden is easy and storing it to prolong the shelf life is just the same.

Tarragon is a famous herb for its versatility. It has an intense taste that can be described as a combination of sweet anise and a light hint of vanilla. The Tarragon’s leaves are slightly narrow which tapers when it is growing. The stems are also slender. It is one of the secrets in many French dishes. It is very important to the Bearnaise sauce. It also goes well if added to cheeses, poultry and eggs.

It is good that when buying tarragon leaves you check for any kind of discoloration. The French variety is more popular than the Russian variety because it is coarser. The Russian and the French tarragon are available in many supermarkets in fresh and dried kinds. There are simple ways on how you can store tarragon

Things You Need:

1. sharp scissors
2. freezer bag
3. soft cloth

First step – You should get the leaves before the plant begins to become yellowish which usually happens during the fall season. Discard the leaves with damage and wash them thoroughly.
Pat each leaf with a clean soft cloth and make them dry.

Second step –
Cut the leaves from each stem using the sharp scissors. Hold each leaf carefully to avoid any bruise on them. Cut each one if you like to use it as an ingredient for your dish.

Third step – Put the leaves you have chopped in a freezer bag or plastic bag that has a tight seal and put the date on it by using a marker.

Fourth step- Put each bag inside the refrigerator’s freezer and get them only when you will use them.

For the dried terragon. Storing them is fairly easy. Always put the chopped dried leaves in a big clean jar with a tight cover. This will make them last for at least five months. You can also dry your own leaves by tying them in bunches and hanging them up in your basement and leave it like that for three days.

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