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Different Ways to Store Cilantro

Different Ways to Store Cilantro

Cilantro is an ideal herb you can use to add flavor to different dishes. Cilantro can be stored for more than one week and sometimes up to two months and as dried leaves you can store them for several months. Storing them can be fairly easy as long as you do the steps the proper way.

Storing for shorter days

Storing cilantro for five or six days is the same as storing flowers in your vase. Collect them and put them together as a bunch and the stems should all be facing one direction. Tie them in a bunch using your thread. Cut the endings of each bundle with your sharp scissors or knife. Put the bundles inside and look for a paper bag. The paper bags need to be huge enough to be able to serve as coverings for the whole vase. They should be placed inverted covering the vase. This will help give the right humidity the leaves need. The open part of the bags will give more area for air to circulate.

Another way is to put them in the refrigerator. First make sure that the leaves are all dry after washing them. Fill the jar or vase with water and put the bundles on each of them.
Cover each one with inverted plastic bags covering the whole vase before putting them in the refrigerator. You can replace the water in just a few days or if it starts to get a different color.

Storing for mid term

Storing cilantro for more than fifty days is also easy. Collect all the leaves and get the tray of ice cubes from the refrigerator. Put the leaves on the ice cubes and put just the right amount of water and freeze them for more than one day. After the second day remove the cubes and put them in the Ziploc bags and seal it tightly. Put each bag inside the freezer.

Storing for the longest term

Collect each stem and group them in a bundle each one facing just one direction. Put a rubber band around each bunch. Get a paper bag and make holes on each of them and then tie them up again with the rubber band and hang them in your basement for one week. Get them after one week and shake the stems and let each leaf fall. Store the leaves that are dry in a clean jar. You can use them for six months or more.

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