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Sweet Recipes Using Horehound

Sweet Recipes Using Horehound

Horehound is an herb with a sweet flavor. It has been used for many years. It is a useful plant and the leaves, flowers and seeds can be used for giving flavor to medicines and different foods. The name comes from the term herbal which literally means green crops. It is a perennial plant that also belongs to the family of mints. Below are some recipes for the Horehound.

A. Recipe for Candies made of Horehound

To create horehound candies you must boil the leaves you picked fresh and make sure the juice gets extracted and this can last for fifteen minutes. Put the sugar for more taste and let it boil once more and wait until this mixture thickens. Put the mixture into a pan and put it aside to cool and then cut it into smaller square and eat them how you eat brownies.

B. Another Recipe of Horehound candy

1. First make an intense infusion of the horehound by boiling a cup of the leaves with water for at least ten minutes. Then steep it more for five more minutes and after that strain it.

2. Use a cup of infusion and add two cups of sugar. Put sugar in a pan and stir it with a teaspoon of tartar. Put the infusion and mix it until you dissolve the sugar. Use one cup of horehound infusion to two cups of white sugar. Cook it in lower heat and make sure it reaches two hundred ninety degrees Fahrenheit. You can check this accurately by using a thermometer for candy makers. Another way to check is by dropping the finished infusion in colder water until you notice that it will be hard and become glossy.

3. Put the finished product in a plate with butter and mold them to smaller balls when it becomes a little harder. When it has cooled start breaking them apart into different segments and put them in the fridge.

C. Recipe for Horehound tea

It is better to use dry leaves of the herb. You can dry the leaves by picking them fresh from your garden then hanging it up upside down in a warm corner of your house. After a few days the leaves should be dry already. Place the dried leaves of the horehound in the pot which should not be made in metal and pour the water that you just have boiled. Let it steep by putting the cover for five minutes or more. Strain out the leaves and then add honey or other fruits for more taste.

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