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Cooking Delicious Recipes with Parsley

Cooking Delicious Recipes with Parsley

Looking for an additional ingredient to put life to your bland tasting food? Try parsley. Although a herb, it can substitute as a spice as well. It is a very healthy food as it is rich in several nutrients like Vitamin A, folate, Vitamins C and K. Most importantly, it has zero calories.

Parsley comes in two varieties. The curly leaf is found in most stores and can be purchased in bunches. The flat leaf or Italian parsley, on the other hand, is not suitable for garnishing but offers more flavor than the curly variety. Cooking with parsley can make your food tasty and flavorful.

It would be unimaginable to make fresh meatballs without including dice Italian parsley as one of the ingredients. The taste can be so subtle and you would long for the taste if the parsley is missing in the ingredients.

If you like chicken, turkey, or other poultry dishes, there is no need to worry about the dressing or the food being not entirely cooked. You can make a light and moist dressing by mixing fresh parsley, quartered onion and lemon. For roasted or grilled chicken, rub the outside with olive oil and use lemon pepper as seasoning.

Fresh parsley mixed with tarragon, chervil, and chives can make a home-made blend of herbs. Cooking with parsley can make stews and sauces extraordinary.

Potatoes are one of the most popular dishes being eaten in homes. After washing the baby red potatoes, cut it in half or quarters depending on the size. Then boil until it becomes tender. Make sure that the water is completely drained. Saute using a small amount of olive oil. After heating, put diced garlic. Saute the potatoes until it becomes light brown and tender. Use salt and pepper as seasoning. Add a small amount of diced curly or flat leaf parsley and mix gently with grated cheese.

In addition, cooking with parsley is suitable for sautéing pieces of chicken, pork, or vegetables. Add diced parsley to oil and garlic.

Cooking with parsley is also suitable for garnishing the food. It is used to blend with potato, macaroni salad, pasta, and Tabbouleh. You can add a small amount of parsley on scrambled eggs or frittata. If you want, you can also add parsley on garlic bread or soup.

Cooking with parsley can make a bland and rather boring dish look delicious and tasty. So if you are not used to adding herbs in your recipe, then it’s about time to try something new and consider cooking with parsley.

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