How to Grow and Use Herbs
Maximizing the Use of Annual Herbs

Maximizing the Use of Annual Herbs

Known as plants that have the ability to finish their growth cycle in only a year, annual herbs are popular to most gardeners because these plants possess medicinal and savory characteristics. All of the annual herbs are planted and grown from seeds. To maximize the benefits and uses of these plants, it is necessary that gardeners have prior understanding on the fundamentals of planting and growing annual herbs.

Learning How to Grow Annual Herbs

When planting seeds of annual herbs, gardeners should always consider the properties of the plants that they want to grow. For example, when growing anise and basil, it is necessary that they put the herbs in pots that have medium rich soil to enhance their development. Additionally, constant exposure of the plants to sunshine is important to improve their growth. On the other hand, gardeners should avoid transferring coriander and dill to other pots or containers once their seeds are planted since they are very delicate.
Another thing that people should consider when harvesting the herbs is the time of harvest. Most experts advise to harvest them at day. Meanwhile, for those who want to freeze the herbs, it is essential to put them inside airtight containers and label them with the name of the herbs, as well as the date, since stored herbs are useful for at most 2 years.

Culturing of Annual Herbs

When compared with perennial herbs, annual herbs need more water during dry season. Maintaining proper nutrition of the plants is also important. It is necessary that gardeners have background on the appropriate amount of fertilizer each herb needs because inadequate fertilization may affect the growth of the plants and over fertilization affects the resistance of annual herbs to pests. Above all, good sanitation is important to stimulate the growth of these herbs. Gardeners should regularly prune the plants to avoid producing weak plants.

Overview of the Special Qualities of Annual Herbs

Known for its special medicinal quality, chervil is commonly used by patients who have problems with their blood pressure. When it comes to stomach ailments, aloe vera and dill are very efficient. For those who are in search for annual herbs that can promote the taste and aroma of dishes, they can always use garlic, summer and arugula. Lastly, basil, calendula, and savory are some of the special plants that people can use in garnishing fresh salads. Thus, with proper cultural management, everyone can surely produce healthy and useful herbs in their gardens.

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