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Coriander: The Basics of Growing Herbs

Coriander: The Basics of Growing Herbs

Considered as one of the annual herbs that are famous for its distinct characteristics, coriander is said to be useful in treating different illnesses and diseases. In addition, this herb is also popular as garnish and spice in various kinds of dishes. Because of its special qualities, many people include plant in the special and useful herbs that they grow in their gardens.

The Uses of This Herb

Growing herbs, especially coriander, requires commitment and time from those who want to maximize the uses of these plants. When it comes to cooking, most individuals find coriander useful in enhancing the savor and aroma of some dishes. Chutney, guacamole, and curry, are examples of dishes that make use of coriander leaves. Meanwhile, for those who want to add spice in their dishes, it is best that they add coriander seeds in the dishes that they prepare. In other countries, this growing herb serves as a key ingredient in preserved foods like sausages, rye bread, and boerewors.

On the other hand, this growing herb also possesses medicinal characteristics. For patients who are suffering from insomnia and anxiety, they can find this herb very helpful. Additionally, coriander is effective in curing some digestive illnesses. However, it is best that people ask for the opinions of their physicians before they intake coriander since it may trigger allergic reactions to some individuals.

Learning How to Grow the Herb

When growing herbs, it is important that people have understanding on the basic characteristics of the herb that they want to plant. Another important thing to know in growing herbs is their resistance to temperature changes. By learning all of these, growing herbs will not be difficult to anyone.

To those who want to know the basics in growing this herb, it is best to learn that the special plant is very delicate. In this case, it is necessary that they plant coriander seeds in rich soil. It is also necessary that they expose the herb to direct sunlight to stimulate the growth of the plant. Above all, gardeners should avoid transferring the herb to other pot or container.

Harvesting Coriander Seeds

When harvesting seeds of this herb, gardeners must place the plant in a breezy area. Wait for the seeds to dry up before storing it in an airtight plastic or container. When stored for several months, the flavor of the seeds improves. Thus, by learning the basics in growing herbs, specifically coriander, the task will be easier, more enjoyable and interesting.

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