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Growing Garlic Chives: A Herbal Guide

Growing Garlic Chives: A Herbal Guide

Garlic chives consistently rank among the most widely used perennials due to its very distinct taste and smell, not to mention its decorative value. For those interested in growing herbs and garlic chives, you may use this guide.

First you need to gather the necessary materials. As with growing herbs like basil and tarragon, you should have the seeds, the pot, the potting soil mix or the ingredients for it, and in the case of garlic chives, protective eyewear too. Gloves and the usual gardening utilities are of course essential.

When growing herbs like garlic chives, you must remember that they can only be cultivated from seeds (cuttings will not work), so get top of the line seeds from the store. Net you should pour in the potting mix into the container. Here the pot has to be at least a foot deep (deeper than that is actually preferred), and the diameter has to be at least 17 inches. Because they can get quite big, it is best to buy a bigger pot.

The ideal conditions for growing herbs similar to garlic chives would be a warm soil (70 degrees at least) for a month upon initial planting. After the period has expired, you may relocate the plant and place in the garden along with the other herbs, or in another container. Now you may water them about three times a week at most. Even less than that will be all right in most cases, but it is best to do it thrice weekly.

As you start growing herbs, the harvesting period is the next important step. In the case of garlic chives, it would be when the plants reach a height of about 6 inches. Cut the leaves, but do not just rip them off, as it may cause damage. Only take those that you will actually use for cooking. By leaving some on the plant, you are ensuring that more will grow for the coming days ahead.

If you find that you have not used up all the garlic chives you cut, store them inside a plastic and put in the freezer. This will help keep its flavor the next time that you use them.

The versatility of garlic chives is equaled by the ease with which it can be sown and harvested. Before you know it, you will be cultivating several of these herbs in no time at all.

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