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Growing Herbs of Chili Made Easy

Growing Herbs of Chili Made Easy

Every garden lover would love to grow different kinds of fruits, vegetables and herbs in their own home. You can do that too and you do not need a lot of experience or money, because all you need are some seeds and the rich soil of mother earth. Today we will be showing you how your can be growing herbs of chili in your own garden.

Chili plants usually need warm temperatures and that is why they are so common in Southern America or Asia. If you living in a colder country however there are still a few ways by which you can be growing herbs of chili within your home and that is through indoor gardening at first. Plant your chili seed early around January and February and you can repot it outside once the frost is totally gone.

The chili seeds germinate at a certain temperature which is important for growing herbs. The temperature ranges from 20C to 30C, but you can germinate them yourself by placing them in two damp tissues and place them into a sealed bag until you can find the seeds sprouting. This will take a while and they need a higher temperature than normal room temperature.

Once you replant them into your garden, you should take good care that you are growing herbs of chili away from windy places. The plant has to get a lot of sun and it would be advisable to look for a spot without any possibility of shades. Use a good fertilizer for your soil and do not forget to water your plants every other day or every time the soil on top gets too dry. You need to water your chili more often in the summer time and you should do that every day.

Give the growing herbs some time to grow and become strong and by the summer time you can harvest your product for as long as you planted the herb in January or February. Once the growing herbs of chili turn green, they are ready to harvest. The flavor however will be much more intense and spicy when you wait until they are orange, red or even brown.

Do not forget that once you harvest your growing herbs, that you still need to feed them with a good soil fertilizer and water once in a while so that will keep on giving you the best chili possible. Enjoy your harvest as much as you can or use it to earn a couple of bucks.

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