How to Grow and Use Herbs
The Ultimate How to Harvest Herbs Guide

The Ultimate How to Harvest Herbs Guide

Every home gardener or soon to be home gardener loves to see their plants flourish and grow. There are those who love to plant for aesthetic and those who love to plant in order to have fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Herbs are one of the most difficult things to plant because they require certain weather conditions and temperatures. We are going to be talking about the final step of herb gardening which is the harvesting part and you will learn here how to harvest herbs.

The most important thing to know in the guide on how to harvest herbs is the time of the day you should do it. The best time of the day to harvest your herbs is during the morning right after the dew on the plants has gone, but before the heat of the day can touch your plants. The reason for this is that the herbs have more oil in them which gives off a better aroma.

Another important reminder in the guide on how to harvest herbs is that you should know how to harvest herbs the right way with the right tools. Make sure that you cut them with shears or a sharp knife. Be careful not to destroy any other part of the plant unless you want to murder it intentionally.

The guide on how to harvest herbs also advices you to cut the plants before they start to flower, because flowering causes the aroma and flavor to become very odd. Flowering also changes the foliage of the plant and thus the changed flavor. Some herbs have the best aroma and flavor at the time when the flowers develop already but right before the buds actually open up.

Every herb has a different preferred harvesting time and how to harvest herbs of different kind also depends on those seasons. You should read up on your personal favorite and find out when the best time or season is to take it. Lavender for example can be clipped during early summers where as perennial herb plants should be clipped around August.

The last important pointer on how to harvest herbs is to look at the use of the herb you want to clip. Ask yourself if you need the root, the base or the flower for your purposes and clip the part in the season that it is intended for. If you clip carelessly around in your herb garden, you might not see your plants re-appear the next season. Keep all of these reminders in your mind for a successful herbal harvest in your home garden.

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