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How to Harvest Dill for a Tasty Meal

How to Harvest Dill for a Tasty Meal

Dill is a great herb to pair with a variety of food on your plate. It’s great on egg dishes, vegetables, cream sauces, potatoes, cheese, and especially on fish. It’s clean and simple taste is a timeless classic on any such dishes since ancient times. Having your own dill plants at home is a great treat. You can enjoy this wonderful herb fresh, which would make your salad or soup a whole lot better. Here are a few tips on how to harvest dill for more flavorful meals.

Our first tip on how to harvest dill will require you to make a choice. You can either use dill leaves or its seeds to add flavor to your meals. Let’s begin with harvesting dill leaves. Dill leaves are also known as dill weed, which you can also buy dried and packed. But if you are growing dill at home there is no sense in buying dill leaves from a store.

To harvest dill weed just trim off the leaves. The next part in the question of how to harvest dill leaves is whether you want your leaves dried or fresh. What folks usually do with fresh cut dill leaves is to dry them in the sun or in a stove. Whether you hang them upside down in the sun or dry them in a store or dehydrator, you can be sure that it won’t take long for dill leaves to dry. Drying dill leaves will only take a few minutes.

However, some argue that fresh dill leaves are a lot better than dried ones. Those who claim this say that the flavor you get will be a whole lot better. To keep your dill leaves fresh you will have put them into a plastic bag and freeze them. In the end, whether you like your dill dried or frozen fresh will be a matter of personal preference.

Other than knowing how to harvest dill leaves, one should also know when to harvest them. It is ideal to harvest a few leaves from several dill plants. If you have young dill plants then remember that you may harvest leaves when they have about four or five leaves.

Other than harvesting leaves, you should also know how to harvest dill seeds. It is interesting that dill also produces great flavorful seeds during fall. Dill seeds are perfect for rice, bread, and most notably on pickles. Dill seeds are arguably more flavorful than the leaves. During the fall, dill will have flowered and seeded. You just cut the stalks with the flowers, leaves, and seeds and hang them to dry. Once they dry out, just shake them and the seeds will fall off.

These are our tips on how to harvest dill leaves and dill seeds. You can either have them dried or frozen fresh. Dill is a timeless herb that has been enjoyed by many as the seasons rolled by.

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