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A Guide to Preserving Horehound

A Guide to Preserving Horehound

Gardeners and herbalists have been long aware of the value of this herb, and if you have planted this, learning how to store horehound after it is harvested can help you maximize its potential.

How to store horehound after it is harvested (method 1): let the leaves dry

This is a process akin to the one that is used when preserving herbs like parsley and coriander. The steps necessary for a successful undertaking of this endeavor involves shearing the required number of leaves and stems, careful not to overdo it.

Next the branches are held together by a straw, laid out on cheesecloth and stored in room temperature. However, if the weather is damp, consider placing the herbs instead in your drawer and letting it dry there. Every so often open the drawer or cabinet to see how the leaves are progressing.

How to store horehound after it is harvested (method 2): set the leaves in a freezer

If the horehound is not to be used for a while, it is best if you put the leaves in a freezer. Before you do this, get rid of all the stems, and put the leaves inside a bowl or jar. Put on a tight lid (as tight as possible), or better yet, use a freezer bag. After sealing it, put it in the freezer.

How to store horehound after it is harvested (method 3): place the leaves in the refrigerator

This is similar to placing the herbs in the freezer, but instead you just put it in the compartment. However, before you do it, you should check the leaves for any signs of pests that may be lurking there. This is not a common problem with the horehound though. You can chop the leaves into smaller bits, or you can store them as whole.

Even if you look it up in forums, these are basically all you need to know how to store horehound after it is harvested. These are the ones you should use, because other methods will be of the experimental kind and not as reliable.

If you know how to store horehound after it is harvested, you do not have to be concerned that it will not be fresh when you want to use it. Whether you are going to put it in a candy bar or utilize it for medicinal purposes, preserving the herb means you can have it anytime the need arises.

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