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Using Aromatic Lavender for Different Foods

Using Aromatic Lavender for Different Foods

Lavender is a word that immediately evokes of colored purple flowers or fields in our minds. It could be a field of purple flowers that sway lightly in the summer. The flowers of the lavender have a fresh and clean fragrance. The flowers are usually associated with peace.

Lavender is valued by many ancient civilizations because of the cleaning elements it has. It was used to make cosmetics back then as well. Today more landscape artists use it more for gardens because it can resist drought. The flowers are also very fragrant. This flower is indigenous to the Mediterranean countries. It enjoys growing under the sun. It is good as a plant use for hedging or used as border plants. Many gardeners now have a herbal portion in their garden with different herbal plants. You can also grow this plant in a container. The shape of the lavender is bushy with green leaves. The flowers can grow tall. In Sonoma Valley there are many wineries there with lavender gardens making for a great view and attracting several butterflies helping increase pollination.

The French variety of the lavender known in the scientific world as Lavandula Dentata is the one used widely in cooking many dishes. The darker the flowers the stronger the aroma and the flavor it will have. It is a wise move to add few leaves of the lavender first then test for the taste and add more if you think it needs more.

Lavenders belong to the group called Lamiaceae. The other members of this group are sage, oregano, mint and basil. They are all aromatic.
In general the lavender flowers are used for cooking foods but there are times that the leaves are included as well especially in dishes from the south of France. There many fields of lavenders in the towns of south France. You can use lavender to add more taste for red pasta or pizza sauces. This enriches the taste. It is also used with giving flavors to fruits like blueberries and raspberries. A good dessert made with lavender is crème anglais.

Many pastries are also adorned with flowers of the lavender. Lemon and mint work well in combination with lavender. You can enrich the flavor of black tea by adding lavender or mint. Lavenders have a bright color that is best used as garnishing for the main course and salads. This gives any dish a dramatic presentation.

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