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Harvesting Lavender: a Simplified Guide

Harvesting Lavender: a Simplified Guide

Of all the fresh scented herbs, this is without question one of the most popular ones. If you are still unsure of the ways of storing this plant, this guide on how to harvest lavender may help you get started on the right track.

Step 1 on how to harvest lavender: collect the spikes

If you want to make the most out of this herb, it is best if you get the spikes when they have reached their full bloom. Getting them at too early a stage is not recommended.

Step 2 on how to harvest lavender: trim well

Do not be afraid of killing your herbal plant if you cut it. In fact, the reverse is true; the more that you trim and cut the lavender, the more it will flourish, with the leaves, foliage and flowers growing thicker. Not cutting the foliage is a common mistake, and you need to avoid it.

Step 3 on how to harvest lavender: keep the spikes dry

After you have cut the lavender spikes, you have two options: you can put the stem you have removed onto screens, or you can put the stems together and place them in a dark place. However this needs to have good circulation of air, so you may want to leave a window open. Without the proper ventilation, the spikes will rot rapidly.

Step 4 on how to harvest lavender: store in the right way

If you do not have a dark place where you can put the spikes, you can gather them all and set everything in a plastic or paper bag. Now make a few holes in the bottom part. Tie the bag around the area of the stems and put it in a well ventilated room. Keep it away from direct sunlight.

This last step is especially important because if the lavender gets exposed to light, it might damage the spikes. The aromatic scent will likely dissipate. Also, if it gets rained upon or even just a little bit of damp moisture gets to it, the herb might rot. This is similar to what happens with other plants like coriander.

There are few herb gardeners that grow gardens without this herb, and now that you know how to harvest lavender, you can include it in your garden too. Keep in mind that not only can you utilize this for decorating your homes but can also be used in salads and other foods.

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